Status of IDEADEV-14992 - option to turn off xml/html/jsp bread crumbs

I sense it's end of release cycle for Selena, and so I'm nervous that this critical fix is not getting in the release:

It should be possible to turn "xml/html bread crumbs" feature off

This was filed months ago, and it doesn't seem that hard to do, so I'm not sure why it hasn't been done.

As I mentioned before, I've been using Selena EAP alot for editing JSP files, and I've found ZERO use for this bread crumbs bar. It's been a waste of space at a minimum, and a big distraction/eye sore in the worst cases. (See attached).

Almost 99.999% of the time, I have no concern of how deep I am in the tag depth. That is a useless statistic. Now imbalanced tags is another thing, and IDEA does a fine job flagging missing or mismatched tags; the breadcrumbs bar doesn't help in that case. It is just showing me a stack of tags.

Frankly, this feature is a gee whiz feature with very little practical value, IMHO. Please please let us turn it off, otherwise whatever value this feature has to some subset of users will be far outweighed by the bad feeling it creates among that other subset (I think is larger) that has no use for this feature.


Yes, I second that.

The new IDEA has a lot of dubious 'features' that can't turned off :(


I just remembered that in the last thread about the xml/html/jsp breadcrumb thingy:

That xml bread-crumbs thing ...

I forgot to file a Jira for an enhancement for navigating code/tag blocks
that I mentioned in that thread, so here it is now:

Move Caret to Code Block Start CTRL+ should move to next higher block if already at the start/end of the block

Move Caret to Code Block Start" CTRL[ and "Move Caret to Code Block End" CTRL] to move to the next higher block if already at the start/end of the block, so you can quickly hit CTRL to move down. Right now, you have to hit CTRL[, LEFT_ARROW, CTRL+[, LEFT_ARROW, etc.which is very cumbersome.

This applies to editing Java, XML, HTML, JSP, Javascript, i.e. all code where "Move Caret to Code Block End" and "Move Caret to Code Block Start" are supported.


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