settings (default versus current, export, portability)

First, note that IntelliJ nicely distinguishes between Project settings and IDE settings.

The above link states that Project settings are stored "as a set of xml files under the .idea folder" (assuming that you set up your project to use the .idea folder instead of, say, the old .ipr single file).

However, it incorrectly (or incompletely?) claims that IDE settings (in Windows) are stored in
    <User home>\.IntelliJIdeaXX\config
Instead, I find that on my system, they are stored in
    <User home>\.IdeaIC12\
(I am using the build 129.549 of the Community Edition.  Is IntelliJIdeaXX the correct name if you use the paid for edition?  Either the above linked should be edited to reflect this fact, or better yet, IntelliJ should use the same name regardless of edition.)


IntelliJ also nicely distingushes between a Project's default settings, and its current settings.

Project default settings seem to be saved in the same location as IDE settings (e.g. <User home>\.IdeaIC12\config).

I assume that when you create a new Project, the default Project settings are drawn upon to initially populate the current Project's settings.

Two questions:

1) is there a way to copy the default Project settings into an existing Project (i.e. overwrite any changes that you made)?  Sure, you can create a new Project, but I want to avoid that.

2) the reverse: is there a way to copy an existing Project's settings back into the default Project settings?

Right now, the only way that I can see to do either of the above is to manually copy the relevant .xml files between the .idea and <User home>\.IdeaIC12\config directories, which seems problematic to me.


What exactly happens when you execute
    File | Export Settings...
(and have all the check boxes selected)?

My empirical investigation just now suggests that the resulting jar file seems to include all of your current Project's settings, but that it contains only some of your current IDE settings!

I base the IDE settings claim on having changed

a) the File | Settings... | Appearance | Theme from JGoodies Windows L&F to Nimbus, and not finding the text Numibus in any file in the resulting settings.jar file
    But I do find it in line 100 of
        <User home>\.IdeaIC12\config\options\options.xml
    in the element
        <laf class-name="javax.swing.plaf.nimbus.NimbusLookAndFeel" />

b) the File | Settings... | Editor | Recent files limit from 15 to 17, and finding the text ="17" occurs in line 4 of the file
in the element
    <option name="RECENT_FILES_LIMIT" value="17" />
in both the settings.jar file as well as in the same file in the <User home>\.IdeaIC12\config directory.

Umm, why does IntelliJ selectively include just some of the IDE settings when you export?  (To repeat, I checked all the boxes when I did File | Export Settings...).

Yes, there may be a couple items in the IDE settings section of File | Settings... that are not great to export as they are not very portable (e.g. the browser to use, and its associated path).  But most of the stuff there are items that I would like to use on a new machine.

Was the Theme excluded because maybe stuff like Windows L&F is not available on all platforms?

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