What debug.keystore is my Android app being signed with?


I'm trying to debug why I can't get MapView to work in debug mode, and it seems like the app is not being signed with the debug.keystore file that I have created an API key against.  The only version of a file named debug.keystore on my system is in the C:\Users\<user>\.android folder as expected, however after removing this file completely and then rebuilding the unsigned app, it still runs in debug mode and does not regenerate this file as though it is signing with another cert.  Any idea what is going on here?



Looks like I'm configured to sign against debug.keystore file in android-sdk\.android for some reason.


Hey Scott,

I'm having issues with the map view as well. Can you write down the steps you took to find out what key the APK was being signed? Specifically for running debug (Shift+F9).


Hi Adrian,

When running in debug mode, your app will be signed with the debug.keystore certificate.  My problem was that the Android docs said it should be located (on Windows) in your home folder (C:\Users\<user>).  Sure enough, there was a debug.keystore file there which I used to create a map API key, but after I couldn't get it to work I searched the hard drive for other files named debug.keystore.  It came up with one other in the C:\android-sdk\.android folder (path obviously relative to wherever you installed the Android SDK).  I recreated the map API key against this file and things started working.



I am using the default in my user directory debug.keystore alias androiddebug

I was actually able to solve the issue last night. It looks like when I renewed my API key in the Google console the obsolete one still worked and the new one didn't so I assumed that my APK was not being signed. I went through the sample application for maps in the google_play_services to confirm this.

On an unrelated note, the new build tools are in a different location so the early release of IntelliJ is needed to compile! I thought I broke something trying to solve the issue above.


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