Is there a way to attach a "javascript source" jar to a library?

Hi all,
these days we are using gwt-ext for building all of our user interfaces: it's a java/gwt library wrapping the extjs javascript one. What I noted is that when one adds the gwt-ext jar as a module dependency Idea correctly navigates through the javascript files included in the jar.

The problem is that the gwt-ext jar includes the ext-all and ext-all-debug javascript files which are versions of the source javascript files with comments stripped out, so we have no inline documentation and no comments in the source code.

What I would like to do is attach a jar with the "commented" source javascripts to the gwt-ext library: this should at least make sure that Idea shows the inline "javadocs" (or "javascriptdocs") as documentation tooltip, but ideally it would make it use the commented version altogether for code navigation.

Is this already possible in some way?

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