Suggestion: Scope-aware VCS Updating


The IntelliJ project I use at work has a large number of modules in it. I've recently introduced some custom scopes to manage these, since I rarely want to see all of the modules together at the same time (it depends on what I'm working on.)

As I was playing around with this, I thought it'd be nice if I could somehow configure IntelliJ to update only those modules in my current scope when I initiate a VCS update.

Just a suggestion.

-- Cameron

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Hi Cameron,

What do you want to achieve by that? Reduce 'refresh from vcs' time? What's the point in having that irrelevant modules at the project structure at all then?


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Hi Denis,

The end goal is to reduce VCS update time.

I wouldn't really say some of the modules are irrelevant.

All of the modules are either directly or indirectly related to one another. Some may be related to each other by way of a common/shared maven project. If I make a change in a shared library (particularly a deletion or an interface change,) I like to see the usages across all dependent projects first, and verify I won't break anything. Other components are related in other ways. For example, all of the projects we work on ultimately become components designed to run and communicate with each other on a SOA platform (or bus.) So while there may be no strict code-based dependence between two modules, one module may contain code to make a bus-function call, and the other module contains code to receive a bus-function call. If I'm making changes to these function calls, I'd like to be able to have both modules available to compare both sections of code, as opposed to starting a second instance of IntelliJ

In the end it's not a huge deal. It's just I'm a habitual VCS updater. I update my code base about once every five minutes or so (seemingly unconciously.) I can try to reduce the frequency I do this as a first step ;)

-- Cam


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