Is the navigation from cucumber groovy steps to *.feature file steps possible?

Hello IntelliJ community

I love the Cucumber support in IntelliJ. The suggestion to create steps and navigation from *.feature file steps to groovy implementation steps are great.
But I love to benefit from navigation from groovy impl steps to *.feature steps. In groovy file there are icons diaplyed in editor guter but the navigation support is not available.
Am I missing something or should I file in a feature request in youtrack system?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Antonel,

Move caret to a pattern literal and invoke 'Find usages' to find all usages of a step definition.

I'll think about invoking 'Find usages' by clicking a gutter icon.

Max Medvedev

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.11.28 .png

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