Am I allowed to use the IntelliJ IDEA community edition source to make another IDE?

Am I "allowed" to use the IntelliJ IDEA community edition source to make another IDE?

Is there any open source project to check out to learn by code?

Is there some point should I prefer write IntelliJ IDEA plugin or create new IDE based on IntelliJ IDEA?

The language my IDE should deal with is Java. I want make use of Java editor, debugger and I like IntelliJ IDEA graphical user interface in general.


Hi Dmitry,

You can do anything with IJ sources as long that doesn't contradict Apache 2.0 license.

You can use the Community Edition as an example.

What is the point in creating your own intellij-based ide if you want to work with java? I believe its better to create a plugin to cover missing parts then.



The point for creating my own IDE is to tune GUI (splash screen on start, window titles, etc) and cut usefull but irrelevant functionality (svn, chat, support of adding plugins). Am I right with direction of thinking? Or just out of concept? Thanks in advance.


How can a feature be both useful and irrelevent at the same time? What is the end goal of removing those features?


I have wrote from scratch my very own cross-platfrom game engine.

Now I want to use IntelliJ IDEA sources as a basis for my game level designer.

I'd like to give examples of how usefull features can be irrelevant:
- I like JRebel plugin. I want to remove default menu item "Run" and replace it with JRebel menu item. I wish the user to think that JRebel is not plugin but part of IDE
- teams that will use this IDE will not need SVN for sure, because they will be small
- etc

So: the end goal of removing those features is to make my new IDE more game development oriented with Java support - but not Java oriented with game development support. My new Java IDE should be not "true hard-core" like IntelliJ IDEA is. I wish very basic support of Java language still smart enough though.


Well, yes. I think it's worth for you to try that direction then.



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