ClearCase support - parent pom.xml is "left out" aftrer modules are created

Michael, this one is for you .. :)

We have the following structure in ClearCase - 1.png, 2.png.
The "workspace" folder contains the super-POM file aggregating POMs from 3 other modules - "poc", "pocfe", and "pocUtils" (exactly as in , Example 4).

IDEA project was generated from opening the "workspace/pom.xml". Now what I see in IDEA is 3.png, i.e pom.xml from the "workspace" folder that gave birth to the whole project didn't became part of, say, "workspace" module, it belongs to no module at all.
As a result - I can't check out "workspace/pom.xml" from IDEA: right click -> ClearCase -> Check Out has no effect. Also, if I check out "workspace/pom.xml" externally using CC Explorer - IDEA doesn't see it, it doesn't modify it's color in file tabs after synchronizing the project status (CtrlAltY)

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Dear Evgeny,

I need:
1. IDEA project file
2. Screenshot of the CCase content root settings.
3. log file with the traces of checkouts.

4. Do folders "poc", "pocfe" and "pocutils" contain their own .iml files?

best wishes,
Michael Gerasimov,
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc

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To answer 4 - yes, they do, it's set in Maven settings to generate them.
For 1, 2, and 3 - I'll only be able to provide them on Sunday, 16/09 when I'll be back from vacation.

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I've attached the log file (btw, when check out silently does nothing - nothing appears in the log file as well), screenshots and all .ipr/.iml/pom.xml files.

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Btw, I'm running with 7274 now, of course


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