Gradle (JetGradle) does not work with multi-module project - bizarre behaviour

Hi -

I have a project with two Java modules in Idea 12.

Each project has its own build.gradle file. This works fine if gradle is used from command line. No problem.

However, using JetGradle plugin/window produces very odd behaviour to the project.

On the 'Project' tab within the JetGradle window it correctly displays both modules. The gradle settings only allow to point to one build.gradle file per project, not per module. If one of the modules build.gradle files is selected in gradle settings after the 'OK' button is clicked the other modules completely disappears from the IDE Project explorer. It is not deleted from the file system but the .idea xml file is also modified to remove it.

It looks as though the JetGradle plugin can not work with multiple modules. Which is just crazy. Is this a deliberate design or a serious bug?

Appreciate any feedback from anyone and/or the Intellij team.


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Hi Hugh,

That is a known limitation of IJ gradle support at 12.1.x. It's already addressed at 13.x branch (i.e. single ide project can be backed by multiple gradle (multi-)projects). We'll deliver the change for 12.1.x as well later when other important improvements are ready and tested (tasks per-project, execute tasks via gradle tooling api etc). It will be announced at the IJ blog.


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Many thanks Denis. Thought as much, look forward to the patch when released.



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