Switch case using Strings


I have a problem with switch cases in IntelliJ. Since 1.7 Java supports switch case using Strings.
In IntelliJ the compiler tells me " Incompatible types. Found 'Java.lang.String', required: 'byte, char, short or int' ".
In eclipse is everything working properly. I reinstalled all my JRE and JDK, also tried Java 8 Early Access. I'm using IntelliJ 12.1, but I also tried IntelliJ 13 EA. But always the same problem with switch case.


String s = "test";
switch (s) {
     case "test" : System.out.println("test");

Thanks in advance!

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If you are using regular Java module:
1. File > Project Structure...
2. Switch Project language level to 7.0 (Project Settings | Project).
If you are using Maven you need to change <source> and <target> respectively in maven-compiler-plugin configuration.

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Thank you very much!


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