JPA Annotation Errors

IntelliJ seems to be marking all my column and table names as red during development. I have the JPA facet installed and my datasource configured. The problem is that during development I use drop-create so maybe everything is red because the schema does not exists. Also for new stuff I am developing those schema items would clearly not exist yet.

Anyway around this? I want the JPA support but I don't want to see every column and table name in red.



You may create a DDL datasource from your CREATE/DROP script and assign it to the persistence unit.
And all the navigation/highlighting/completion will work using that datasource.


So is the implication there that during development of entities you are just going to have to live with red?


Not really. The red is added by the inspection. As with any other inspection you may chose to alter red/yellow level or completely switch it off via Alt-Enter -> Right -> Edit Inspection Profile Settings.


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