Maven dependencies sometimes do not work and reimport does not resolve

I have a frustrating scenario here in which the hadoop dependencies stopped working.  I had a pom.xml and it was working fine, then just stopped working for all of the org.apache.hadoop.*.

The pom.xml is correct, and I have even clicked on the "Import maven dependencies" from the editor - in hopes that IJ would correct itself in whatever internal bug it is hitting. Then i clicked "reimport".

I have tried this multiple times to no avail.

I am on 12.1.3 ultimate.

Is there a bug out there - and is it in process of being addressed?


import com.monetize.core.meta.MsMeta;
import org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job;         // Import Not found !!



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The issue here was that the pom.xml had an invalid tag in it : instead of <project>..<name>.. it was <project>..<somethingInvalid>..

But I only was able to discover this by running mvn compile on command line, since IJ errors were just that I could not import things. The error handling for invalid XML in pom.xml could really stand to be improved.


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