How to rename a project (in "Recent Projects" list)?

The title says it all -- is there an easy way in IDEA 12 to rename a project in the "Recent Projects" list?
Kind regards, Matthias


You would need to rename the project itself (File > Project Structure > Project > Project Name).  Alternatively, you can change the name in the .name file inside the .idea directory (assuming you are using directory based project configuration). If the .name file does not exist (meaning idea uses the project's root directory name for the name), just create a .name file (needs to be done via command line in windows since it starts with a period) and make a single line entry of the desired project's name. Then restart IDEA. But again, this is changing the project's name. Not just the name that appears in the Recent Projects list.

Are you trying to have a different name show in Recent Projects than the project's actual name? If so, I'd be curious what the use case for that is.


Thanks, renaming it in the "Project Structure" menu did the trick for me :)


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