IntelliJ Idea upstream code is not compillable, help needed

Hi, it's my first post, so please bear with me.

I have been looking through the instructions for compiling my own copy of the IntelliJ Idea IDE as posed on the Jetbrians site here:

At the time of writing, I have attempted to build both the code from the upstream Master branch and v12.12 stable source tarball as offered in this link:

However, even after specifying a project JDK (i'm using JDK 1.7u21) and importing the /lib/tools.jar package into the project's CLASSPATH, the build always fails with compilation errors. I'll provide screenshots later (since I don't have access to my build machine right now) but the main errors are basically:

- both Master branch and stable tarball complain about unknown items in the dependency list
- stable tarball's /src/lib/ directory is completely empty while Master branch has a bunch of JAR packages which are clearly needed for the build to proceed.
- Master branch's xml directory has a lot of missing classes and the compiler output states that the package directory is not found
- If i attempt to hunt down the missing packages and classes in xml-psi-api and xml-psi-impl and copy them into xml/openapi or aml/impl, the missing classes error disseapear and the build will continue, but later on it will reach a point where the compiler will throw an exception about duplicate classes found.

Again, screenshots will be put up as soon as possible to provide some visual feedback about my problems, but based on what I'm currently experiencing, can someone advice me on what am I possibly doing wrong to not be able to perform a successful build of the IntelliJ Idea IDE?

Thanks very much!

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