EAR artifact out of sync

Our application uses Adobe BlazeDS packaged in an EAR, deployed to JBoss.  The Flex applications are hosted on the server, and referenced in a folder within the EAR artifact.  The SWF uses the URL where it was downloaded from to recognize how to make the connection back to the server, so for this reason, we have to customize the debug configuration to launch the URL and not the swf from the file system.

Once we make changes to the Flex module and rebuild, while the application server is up and running, I expect to instantly debug the new version of the Flex app on the server, immediately after a complie.  However, the EAR artifact does not recognize it is out of sync, I presume because no Java code has changed...

Is there any way to ask IntelliJ to refresh the other files in the deployment, without going through an undeploy / redeploy cycle?  The Flex module changes become up to date during a full restart of the application server, but not after a build...  The status of the deployed artifact stays "Synchronized".  Ideally, we would only want the files to change, not a undeploy/deploy of the entire EAR.  This was the main reason we wanted to use the Exploded version in the deployment.

To make matters worse, JBoss 7.1.1 does not cleanly undeploy our app, so we have to restart the entire server to redeploy...  If anyone is interested, this is related to having web service annotations in our EJB JARs...  Apparently this version of JBoss doesn't know how to tear those down properly, thus they will not hot redeploy after having been deployed once.

As a workaround, I can write a shell script to sync the folders, but I am really hoping to have the IDE manage this for me.

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