git: fatal: Could not read from remote repository

I've got a *really* strange problem. Whenever I try to fetch/pull/push or do anything with a remote site with git via IDEA (or PyCharm, or probably with any JetBrains tool), it gives me an error saying that it "Could not read from remote repository".

It only does it on one computer (which is significant... I'll explain in a moment). The other computers fetch/pull/push just fine.

When I go to view the idea.log file, I find (what looks to be) an important clue:

2013-05-22 07:19:41,755 [229811539]   INFO -    #git4idea.update.GitFetcher - fetching H:\IdeaProjects\Project

2013-05-22 07:19:41,756 [229811540]   INFO -   git4idea.commands.GitHandler - cd H:\IdeaProjects\Project

2013-05-22 07:19:41,756 [229811540]   INFO -   git4idea.commands.GitHandler - git fetch --progress --prune origin

2013-05-22 07:19:41,812 [229811596]   INFO -   git4idea.commands.GitHandler - 'C:\Users\Joe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

2013-05-22 07:19:41,812 [229811596]   INFO -   git4idea.commands.GitHandler - operable program or batch file.

2013-05-22 07:19:41,813 [229811597]   INFO -   git4idea.commands.GitHandler - fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

The thing to recognize here is that my home folder has a space in it. It's actually "C:\Users\Joe Emenaker\". So, my suspicion is that IDEA isn't properly passing the spaced filename to git.

Now, I have other machines with spaces in the home-folder path, but they don't have this problem. What's different about this machine is that I just copied most of the contents (including .IntellijIdea12 and .PyCharm20) of my home folder from a Windows 7 machine to a Windows 8 machine. Then, I installed IDEA12 and PyCharm on the new machine. The path to the home folder was the same on both machines ("C:\Users\Joe Emenaker"), so I wouldn't think this would cause an issue.

Anyway, I'm curious to know if anybody knows of a way to get IDEA and PyCharm to properly pass the proper path to git. Heck, I'd replace the path with the 8.3 version (as in "C:\Users\joeeme~1\...") if I could just figure out where IDEA and PyCharm are storing the user's home-folder path.

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