IDEA plays dumb on Typescript types

I've had a Typescript web project working fine on my home computer. I was auto-compiling, deploying to Tomcat and everything was cool.

I tried to import the project on my work machine and Intellij doesn't seem to have any clue what to make of my Typescript. It knows some of the syntax, but it doesnt know what "window" is, nor what string, number, or Object are.  I have set up Filewatchers etc.. I know my TSC is set up because some files will compile fine.

I'm not sure what I did wrong when I imported my existing project.. any ideas?  thanks.


Maybe your settings are different. Have you tried exporting your settings from your home machine and importing them on your work machine?

File->Export Settings
File->Import Settings


Thanks for the tip. I think it was that my project did not have the Javascript libraries enabled in Settings/Javascript/Libraries.


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