node.js plugin: upgrading to a new version of node can leave IDEA looking at the old cached source code

IDEA 11.1.5, build IU-117.1043, Java 1.7.0_21 64-bit.  Node.js plugin 0.2.2

I use nvm to upgrade and select my version of node.js. I also update the IDEA node.js binary and source locations and keep the debug configuration up-to-date.  

But when I have upgraded to a new version of node (currently 0.10.5), and run the debugger, I often find that IDEA is using a cached version of the old source code (in this case 0.8.22 in system/extLibs).
This causes very strange debugging behavior if you need to step into node's code.  

Workaround: exit idea and remove every node.js source directory from .IntelliJIdea11/system/extLibs/ except the source for the version you are currently using.  Restart IDEA and it will now find the right source code.


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John, open Settings dialog, select JavaScript | Libraries there. See screenshot:
Locate there a set of libraries with name "Node.js ${version} Core Library". Select a needed library (check "Enabled" column) and unselect others (or remove them - it's even better).
If there isn't the needed library in this list, remove all "Node.js ${version} Core Library" libraries and configure Node.js sources one more time (JavaScript | Node.js).
Hope that will help.
There will be no such problem in IDEA 13, because there will be only one Node.js library (without version in its name).


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