JSF + Spring 'hello world' won't deploy under glassfish


I have problem starting out with jsf and spring;

afaik a new project should be 'clean' and deploy but I am having problems deploying a new JSF + Spring 'hello world' app via glassfish

Command start-domain executed successfully.
Connected to server
[2013-05-15 01:46:32,129] Artifact JSFonlySPRING:war exploded: Artifact is being deployed, please wait...
[2013-05-15 01:46:34,175] Artifact JSFonlySPRING:war exploded: Error during artifact deployment. See server log for details.

The project is a new Intellij generated project with JSF + Spring facet (see attached).

I think the cause is this:

       Cause: Unable to find class 'org.springframework.web.jsf.DelegatingVariableResolver'

but transfering a pom.xml from a working Spring project does not fix this

The full stack trace can be found here:


Many thanks in advance for any help


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Hi Michael,

It looks like your web-app is configured incorrectly in a way that it doesn't include that spring jsf jar among other dependencies.



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