Cannot resolve file *.obj


After updating to the latest build 129.451, OBJs( 3D Wavefront file ) no longer show up in my project directory and any reference in my code is called out as an error ( see attached image for an example ).

This is happening in an AIR project under OS X.

When I build the project my 3D models show up properly, so this isn't a case of a missing file or wrong path -- other files in the same directory are seen by IDEA.

This is more of an annoyance right now, since it doesn't hinder my development, but as noted above, prior to the udpate this was not an issue.

General info:
OS X 10.7.5
IDEA 12.1.3 - up to date.
JDK 1.6.0_45

Thanks for any help.

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Blah... I should have looked through the preferences first before posting this the other day.

I'm finally back on this project and common sense told me to check the prefs first. I noticed that *.obj was part of the ignore list under File Types, so I removed it and now all is happy again...  My shallow excuse is that I'm still new to this program. :8}


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