Using Bitbucket plugin to fetch tasks, do tasks get marked resolved when comitting?

I've installed the Bitbucket plugin from version 1.1.12.  After adding my Bitbucket repo to my project under Tasks > Servers in Preferences, I can now fetch the list of issues as tasks in IDEA.  I'm wondering, when creating a new changelist from these tasks and comitting changes against them, is the issue on Bitbucket supposed to get changed to resolved?  Or is there a way to force it to be marked as resolved?  After making changes for 2 issues in my repo, the issues remained opened.  So I'm just wondering if I've missed something as I've just started using this plugin.


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So I found this document on Atlassian's wiki.  Seems to do what I'm looking for, just need to add certain syntax to my commit messages.


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