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I am trying to get IntelliJ 12 working with ExtJS 4.2 and I am running in the following issues.

1)  When I try and add the release and debug versions of the ExtJS libraries they seem to all end up in the Release section even though I added one to the Release and one to the Debug.   Yes I did add debug to the debug section.    They appear right when added but when applying and closing the window and then going back they both show in the release.

2)  Adding the Document URL http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.0/#!/api pulling up Help does not seem to work.  I have tried a number of different ways and from what I can tell it does not seem to be appending the token on to the end.   Has anyone been successful getting the docs integreate into IntelliJ 12.

3)  There is a download documentation link that when  I click seem to not bring up a dialog.

To me it appears that something was broken in 12 related to JS libraries.   Has anyone got the docs working with Ext JS 4.2 and have it properly configured for both release and development.   Would love to see a screen capture of it.

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Probably it's related to this bug which still needs to be fixed:
WEB-6168 ExtJS: external documentation for ExtJS 4.1 doesn't work


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