creating a php project in IntelliJ

I'm not sure why it find it difficult to create a project in IntelliJ IDEA that is php basically or php/python. I tried multiple times to create a project and checkout from SVN the files, and the project files don't appear like they should. If i first define the project in phpstorm, then open the project in IntelliJ I have no problems. It seems difficult to build a basic project...or at least not as easy as with phpstorm or pycharm. I found it frustrating enough to just define the project in one of those first, and then drag the folder onto IntelliJ to launch it.

What am I doing wrong? lol

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It's generally easier to checkout the files from version control first. When done, IDEA will ask if you want to create a project from the sources. Its auto-discovery will do most of the configuration work for you. Thant said, there are some guildelines available in the help on how to start a PHP project. See  This November 2010 thread may also help. I don;t do much PHP work, so I'm not sure if things have changes since that thread was created


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