[Plugin: Dart] No code completion/suggestions for Dart libraries

IntelliJ IDEA 129.400
Dart v.0.5.1
Project type: Play 2.0 (Java)
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Dart SDK: 22231


I installed the Dart plugin and configured it. The Dart plugin says: "Dart SDK revision 22231 is attached to the project".
"Dart SDK enabled" is checked. I also configured Dart under Project Settings > JavaScript > Libraries: Dart SDK enabled and in scope.

Syntax highlighting is working and code completion for (Dart-)code in project is also working. The Dart SDK directory even gets indexed but IDEA cannot find declarations for any of Dart methods like: query (from dart:html) (imports like "dart:*" cannot be resolved).
I could not find a bug describing my problem so I think I missed something. Any suggestions?



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