Question about column/block select methods

First of all, I know that you can perform temporary column selection by holding alt and dragging your mouse, and that you can activate the mode permanently with alt+shift+ins.

What I would like to be able to do is hold down alt+shift, create the selection via the arrow keys rather than the mouse, and return to normal selection mode once I clear the selection.  Notepad++ supports this and exhibits precisely the behavior I would expect (for reference, in case an example is desired).  Is there any way to enable this functionality in IntelliJ?  If not, is there any public avenue of submitting an enhancement request for future versions?

Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

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Hi Kyle,

The ide doesn't provide such facility at the moment.

Feel free to submit corresponding feature request


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Just found this post searching for a similar solution.

It seems this is now possible from the Keyboard.

You need to enable Column Selection mode:

Keyboard->Edit->Column Selection Mode

And then, using the arrow keys will select columns. Alternatively you can select a block and then toggle to Column selection mode and the cursor selection will move to first line of that block. Default mapping seems to be Command+Shift+8


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