Flexmojo + Idea, how to shorten the compile times with multi-module (web) projects


I have a flexmojo project that compiles/run fine. When imported into Idea I have all syntaxt highlithing and compilation working.

My main question is how to shorten the compile times. When I modify one module I can compile this fine using CMD-B and a new swf is created.
but I need to idea that it needs to copy the SWF into <project>/web/target/web-1.0.0/modules/<mymodule>/module.swf

I tried to set 'Output Folder' under project setup with my module, but the output folder directive get's read from the compiler configuration, not from the the setting I make in Idea.

Anybody have some idea on how to set this up?


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Quick and dirty workaround: add -output <project>/web/target/web-1.0.0/modules/<mymodule>/module.swf as Additional compiler options (Compiler Options tab of the build configuration.

Better way:

- Open Project Structure | Artifacts

- Add Artifact of type 'Other', give it some name, setup output folder

- Check 'Build on Make'

- At the Output Layout tab click [+] (Add Copy of), select File, select swf file that you want to copy to artifact output folder after compilation.

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Hello Alexander,

thanks for your suggestions. A bit later on I indeed figured out about the additional compiler options, but like you are saying, that is kinda ugly.
The method of the artifact works quite well.

R. van Twisk


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