Specify test runner window size for FlexUnit tests


Since we sometimes use FlexUnit to display views larger than the Window size, we are looking for a way to make the window bigger by default (without having to resize it manually each time).

Is there a field hidden somewhere or a way to change the default test runner used by IntelliJ to change the application width/height?



I'm afraid 500x375 size is hardcoded in IntelliJ IDEA FlexUnit test runner.


Maybe the ability to specify a TestRunner template would be a good idea, or at the very least specify the size of the window.

This could also be managed with a Custom Run/Debug configuration but you loose very convinient features such as the test report inside the IDE and also the selection of the test classe(s) to run.


I suppose unittestingsupport_flexunit_4.swc is used to generate the template runner. It would be nice to have some way to access the stage when testing a pure as3 project. I know there are many other ways to generate and launch test runners, but I really like IDEA's.
By any chance, is the swc open sourced?


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