Slow Performance on new 12.1.2 release (build 129.354)

I just did an auto-update of Idea to the latest release (121.2, build 129.354) but it seems very slow, just scrolling up and down a screen of a class is very sluggish. Prior to the update it was ok, there was a similar problem when first going to v12. I checked all the usual (saving project files etc on the home directory which is on the network drive) and that seems to be good. The cpu consumed by idea spikes when paging up and down the screen to 30% or more and stays like that for a while before disappearing even after doing nothing. I've got a pretty pokey box with lots of memory and 8 cores, so no shortage of cpu or memory there.

Anyone else notice this?



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Hi Steve,

Please provide a cpu snapshot, we'll take a look into.



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