Usability when moving classes with the mouse

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When browsing with the mouse through the project in project window we often face the problem that IDEA thinks we want to move (in terms of refactoring) a class or a package (etc.). That's quite annoying.
Is it possible to change the sensibility for refactoring using the mouse?
Or is it possible to change that behaviour in terms of adding a alternative key for moving with the mouse? For example, for moving with mouse you have to press the ALT key.


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What is your IDEA version?  The trouble with "drag to itself" has been fixed recently (
Is it your problem?

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I use version 12.1.2. No, that's not my problem. My problem is more that I unintentionally move classes at all.
My problem is that I don't want to move classes, but while moving around in the project view and clicking some nodes to open or close them I unintentionally drag them. That's not a bug in the refactoring mechanism. It's more the sensibility of the dragging.

Do you know what I mean or is my try for explain unclear :-)

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Vassiliy: looks like the epic

Maybe related changes can help. Just notice that "TeamCity Changes" do not relfect the final Max's fix.


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Yes, IDEA-90194 is exactly my and my colleagues problem. I vote for Vassiliy's proposal:

new option into Settings-> Appearance -> UI Options (Drag-n-Drop with ALT pressed only)


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