Can a directory-based project be converted to a .ipr-based project?

We've shared a few projects among our team by committing the .ipr and .iml files.  However, a recent project we created does not have the .ipr file.  Instead it has a .idea folder.  Can this project type be converted to .ipr?

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No. Why would you need that?

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I found this thread because I'm looking for an answer to the same thing. When my project have an .ipr file, I can open them with one command, by executing the .ipr file from the command line.
Alternatively, when my Windows 7 system shows IntelliJ in my commonly used programs on the start menu, the only projects that it lists are those with an .ipr file.

So, it takes two steps to open a project. IntelliJ doesn't load instantly, and neither does my IntelliJ project. So I can't kick it off, go to a meeting, and come back when it's all loaded. I have to kick off IntelliJ, wait, kick off the project, wait some more, and

I want the one-click project launch back. It has been very confusing not having an .ipr file and it took me a long time to figure out where it went.
These other people do as well:


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