"attach jar directories": couldn't there be a version for source jars too?

I just discovered the "attach jar directories": this could be the best thing since sliced bread (and solve our ivy woes, too), but i was wondering if there couldn't be a "sources jars" version.

More than that, what I would like to have, would be something like three directories for each module, say "lib/class-jars", "lib/source-jars", "lib/javadoc-jars", every one of them configured so that idea automatically loads and indexes the content, interpreting every jar in the right way (i.e.: classes for the first one, sources for the second, etc.).

This way we could have a single ant+ivy task resolving every module dependency without having to define a specific IDEA library for it (we already have ivy files).

Should the libraries be isolated, we could have something like:
"lib/class-jars/<library-name>/", "lib/source-jars/<library-name>/"
or event
"lib/<library-name>/class-jars/", "lib/<library-name>/source-jars/",
both are very easy to do with ivy, and could improve a lot our current setup.

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