Show debug console splitted horizontally

Is it possible to split console frame inside debug window to show it like Variables or Watches frames (or instead)?
E.g. I want to show console frame on the place of watches frame. See screenshot below.

The one way is to float window but it is not comfortable due to I can't quick hide it along with whole debug tab.
This requires too much screen space to show variables and console splitted horizontally.

Idea debug.png



Hi Arthur,

AFAIK it's not possible to do so, however, need to check with our UI guys.

Can suggest you a workaround for now - you can do enable floating layout and use 'Hide All Tool WIndows' action (mapped to Ctrl+Shift+F12 at the default keymap).



Thank you for advice but it doesn't seem appropriate approach. The only workaround I do is increase height of debug window and hide it then. But it overlapp most part of source code.
It is very strange that all frames have own dedicated position inside debug window and can't be arranged as user wants.
Hope you'll enchance windows layout in future versions.

Is there any sense to write feature request for this?

Thanks for your work


We'll wait for our ui guys replay and then create a ticket if necessary.



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