7111 - changes view not working (critical error)

I get this error:

Error updating changes: Path '/xxx/xx/...' is not under the client's root '/yyy/yy/'. I don't keep my project files under revision control so when I import my project from my Maven files, I specifiy a different location for the temp files. I am using Perforce.

Is there a simple fix (change some path setting) or is this a bug? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can no longer see any of my changes in IDEA so it is very difficult to separate changes that I want to check in.

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Charles Canning

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Ah, it looks like you may have fixed a previous bug. This worked before (using ]]> for P4. Now I have to specify that it is not the project root. I have this fixed now.

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If anyone else has this problem after making the upgrade, change the VCS directory to be the real directory since the default value no longer works (which it probably never should have)


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