IDEA 12.1.1 How can I add arbitrary XML file to spring facet?

I'm using IDEA 12.1.1. My project is setup to use ipr and iml files rather than the .idea folder.

I want to add an arbitrary Spring XML configuration file to my module's spring facet.

  1. I open the spring facet for my module in the module settings.
  2. I have a file set defined in the spring facet.
  3. If I edit the file set (which seems to be called an 'Application Context' in the titlebar of the dialog) I can then press the green plus to the fileset.
  4. I select the "XML based configurations" option.
  5. I then get the Select Path Dialog.
  6. The Select Path Dialog seems to be rooted at the folder containing my project file (the .ipr file) and it is not possible to select anything outside of this folder.
  7. My project file is in a folder that is next to my applications code rather than above the code, therefore I cannot actually navigate the Select Path Dialog to the location of the file that I want to include.

Does anyone have any ideas why the Select Path Dialog for the XML based configurations of the spring facet is rooted to the .ipr path and does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might add a file from outside this folder without having to redo all the project configuration?

Many thanks,



Thank you for the observation. Would you like to create an issue in the tracker: ?



Hello Nicko,

this change was introduced in 12.1 but we'll roll it back in next available 12.1.2 EAP. In the meantime you can click on the link "Show/Hide Path" in upper right of file selection dialog and navigate to paths outside of your project root from there (autocompletion is available).


Hi Yann,

Selecting the "Hide Path" link just hides the path form field.

Just to be clear in the Select Path Dialog for XML based configurations:

  • I can't browse to any folder outside the project folder.
  • Typing in a specific path to a file or folder outside of the project folder in the path input field has no effect - the dialog's OK button remains disabled and the folder tree is not updated.
  • Dragging a file from explorer and dropping it onto the dialog has no effect if the file is not within the project folder (or its child folders).

It is still possible to add a file to the fileset by manually editing the IML file.

I will report an issue as Alexander suggests and hope that it is in the next EAP build.

Many thanks,


Hello Nicko,

you're right, navigation with manual path doesn't work :-( No need to report the issue though, as the fix is already pushed restoring the old behaviour.

Sorry for inconvenience and thanks for reporting.

- Yann


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