Zencoding vs. Emmet

I notice IDEA 12.1 comes bundled with Emmet support. At some point in the past I must have installed the Zencoding live templates (probally from the ZenCoding site or Jetbrains forums). So in my IDEA 12.1.1 I appear to have both Emmet and the ZenCoding live templates: Zen Coding, Zen CSS, Zen HTML and Zen XSL

Anybody know if I should turn off all these Zen Coding templates to avoid conflicts?

Does the Emmet support include all of the snippets in the above ZenCoding templates?

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Hi Richard,

Emmet uses the same abbreviations as Zen Coding (Zen CSS, Zen HTML and Zen XSL). In the future default abbreviations will be syncronized with Emmet abbreviations only (http://docs.emmet.io/cheat-sheet/). Feel free to file an issue if you are missing any abbreviation: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/dashboard#newissue=yes


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