7104 - Editor error tooltip "more.." link implementation needs improvement.

I like the "more..." link that has been added to the error/warning tooltips in the Editor, but I think it needs UI polish to make it really shine.

Here are the problems I have:

1) The error/warning tooltips are one-line in height. The "more..." link is at the far right hand side of the text.
Very often, while moving my mouse over to the "more.." link, the cursor tracks off the tooltip and then it disappears.

2) After the error/warning description popup appears, if I then move my cursor onto the description popup, the original
warning/error tooltip disappears. This seems kind of awkward. See attached picture


1) Can you allow use to click or double-click on the tooltip to display the description, in addition to clicking on the "more..." link ?
2) Instead of a separate description tooltip, can't you just expand the warning/error tooltip to include the description?

I created a Jira issue for this:


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I fully agree, I wonder why this does not annoy the people from JB themself ;)


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