Navigation keys defined in Gnome Level 3

  I have set up level 3 keyboard to use the Caps Lock to access the level 3 / level 4 character sets.

The good news: IJ does recognize/respect some of them - specifically the non-special/navigation keys that map to characters.

But some of the keys are navigations such as Home End Prior Next  Left Right Up Down.  All of those are ignored by IJ.

Is there any way to get IJ to recognize them?




Hi Stephen,

I'm afraid the problem is a bit unclear. Questions:

  1. What is your layout?
  2. Am I right understanding the there are third-level mappings to standard navigation keys (Home, End etc) at your layout and IJ doesn't recognize those navigation keys typed via the thrid-level key?



Here is a portion of the .Xmodmap file.  The red ones (BackSpace and Escape) do not work.

The green ones do work.  

The common theme is: navigation keys / special characters are not being respected but normal keys are being respected.

keycode  24 = q Q q Q BackSpace Adiaeresis adiaeresis

keycode  25 = w W w W Escape Escape Aring aring

keycode  26 = e E e E asciitilde Eacute eacute

keycode  27 = r R r R apostrophe Ediaeresis ediaeresis


keycode  30 = u U u U braceleft bracketleft uacute

keycode  31 = i I i I braceright bracketright bracketright iacute

keycode  32 = o O o O bar braceleft

Other keys that are not respected:

keycode  38 = a A a A Home Aacute aacute
keycode  39 = s S s S End section ssharp
keycode  40 = d D d D Next ETH eth
keycode  41 = f F f F Prior F f
keycode  44 = j J j J Right Idiaeresis idiaeresis
keycode  45 = k K k K Left OE oe
keycode  46 = l L l L Down Oslash oslash

Once again, they are all navigation / special keys.

Since the normal characters are respected this is not a general problem with Level3, but only it looks like navigation is specially processed by IJ.


The mentioned Xmodmap snippet doesn't define any 'navigation key' mappings for third-level layout.

E.g. 'keycode  24 = q Q q Q BackSpace Adiaeresis adiaeresis' - the third-level mapping for 24 (q) is just 'q' (the third column); 'keycode  26 = e E e E asciitilde Eacute eacute' - 'e' etc.



Hi Denis,

There may be a misunderstanding on the  Xmodmap file formats:  The 3rd level keys are not at column 3 as you apparently believe: they are at column 5 and 6.

The Xmodmap as shown is 100% correct and tested/working on all gnome compliant applications on my machine.  It works right here in chrome for example, and of course in xterm, gedit, etc.

As for your specific example: here is how to read it:  
     q Q q Q Backspace <other keys>

The first four entries are for level1 and level2.  The 5 and 6 entries are for level3.  I am using Backspace for Level 3 without Shift. That is the fifth entry. It works perfectly in gnome apps, but does nothing in IJ




UltraEdit (linux version obviously) does work. It accepts and processes the backspace, escape, arrow keys that are in the Xmodmap snippet I sent. Intellij is "eating" them.


Hi Denis,
Are you planning to do any more work on this?  If not, I understand, i will later put a YouTrack for it.




Yes, I'm planning to check that on weekends/next week.



ye,i have this problem too, i change arrow key by xmodmap in ubuntu 12.04. it work well in other app(eg:eclipse). but it not working in Intellij Idea. Please Help fix this. Thanks~


hi Stephen, you had resolved it ,now . i have this problem  too.


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