Confused about KeyMaps on MacOS?


I just started using IntelliJ 12 on a MacOS and really confused about Key mappings...

If I pick Eclipse from list of Keymaps, then everything defaults to the CONTROL key instead of the COMMAND key, i.e. undo is ^ Z , instead of Command-Z which is the norm on MacOS. So, there is no Eclipse-Macos version I am guessing.

If I pick Mac OS X 10.5+ from the list, then intellij maps bunch of stuff to F keys. For example, Help is assigned to F1. But, F-* keys are mapped to O/S functionality on MacOSX, e.g. F1 is actually used for decreasing monitor brightness, and none of these are usable unless u turn them off from Mac OSX (which does not make sense, since these keys and their functionality are embedded on the MAC keyboard)?

So, what / how do yo guys solve these issues? Am I missing something really obvious here?


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Turn off Mac OS special meaning for the F1-9 keys.

System preferences->Keyboard->Use F1-9 keys as standard keys (that should checked).

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Even though IntelliJ or an IDE for that matter is really important in our lives, disabling an important functionality of MacOS does not make that much sense, does it? I mean, there are a things like mute / volume adjustments, more importantly desktop management keys, etc. there.

I am sure there are many people who are on MacOS, is that what everyone is doing? Also, is there an eclipse version of this keymap for map users?


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The answer to your question, is, yes, most people switch the meaning of the function keys. But you seem to misunderstand what that system setting does, it just switches the default meaning. Normally, pressing a function key gives you the OS/X function and pressing fn-function key gives you the function key, e.g., fn-F1 outputs F1. You can flip it, so that F1 outputs F1 and fn-F1 activates the OS/X function.

The problem is that IDEs like IntelliJ associate vast amounts of functionality with key chords. They need the function keys for that. You could create a key map that didn't use function keys at all but it would mean that large amounts of functionality would only be accessible via menus, or, in some cases, not at all.


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