JAR are not refreshed even on idea restart!! Please Helppppppp!

In last 4-5 versions I was really struggling with Selena not refreshing JARs
when one of global lib jars is changed by one of IDEA projects. I am wasting
hours and can not figure out what's going on

In the past, as soon as one project would update any jars referenced in
global library config you would see a popup reparsing updated jars. not any
more. More so, restarting idea does nothing - it still uses old jars

My setup is:

I have some shared libraries which are defined as global libraries in
Selena. I have projects for them and build jars and source code distro with
Other projects reference those jars and source code via global library

When I rebuild one of shared projects with and Idea would not pick up
changes to my jars no matter what I do restart idea, delete caches matching
jar name Idea still show error highlights based on old jars. If I jump to
library source code with Crl+Click it is up to date but Selena still do not
see updated APIs

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