SchemaExport task in IDEA's Ant and relative bean paths - how do you do it?

I've tried to raise this issue in the past, but maybe I should have first asked the
folks here on the EAP:

I've got a project with Hibernate which uses an XML configuration file which in turn
includes bean mapping files. This is using the mapping construct (]]>) .
The mapping files themselves are in a subdirectory relative to the
Hibernate configuration file as follows:


When running the SchemaExport task on the command line, the task completes
successfully, which indicates, to me at least, that all the paths are set correctly
and somehow, importing these relative resources can be done.

When run from IDEA (by executing the target in an, I keep getting exceptions that state that the mapped resource files
cannot be found (well, really only the first one in the list, but the building process
stops then.)

The question I wanted to ask was: is there someone among you that has a similar
setup and have you been able to configure the Ant build file within IDEA such that
this error does not come up? It is really annoying to have to go to the command line every time the schema changes...
I suspect that the issue is related to the different class loaders used by IDEA's
ant launcher and the one run from the command line.

Any help would be appreciated.



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