Is detecting for incompatible plugin a new feature?

I've just found that in b7087, IDEA shows me Ruby plugin is incompatible. Is it a new feature?

By the way, if a plugin is incompatible, the checkbox for enabling it should be disabled.

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Yes, detecting incompatible plugins is a new feature (and was done exactly for Ruby plugin).

Seems that disabling checkbox is not convenient. You may need to manually install a new version of plugin. Thus if plugin was disabled you need additional restart of idea.

Thank you

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IMO, an incompatible plugin should be disabled automatically.

For the problem with disabling checkbox: How about enable the checkbox after updating a new version of plugin? At that time, user can check it to enable the plugin and IDEA can disable (automatically) the plugin (with new version) after restarting if the new version of plugin is still imcompatible.

As I understand IDEA will load the plugin to check it incompatible or not

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