How are you supposed to do this simple SVN task in Intellij (read docs)? merging branch to trunk

I've been reading the SVN help files and going over the options within IDEA (12.0.3) and I'm wondering how to easily do a merge of a branch into trunk?

Basically I want to do this, that I can do easily from the command line:

svn merge -r10703:10816 http://myusername@oursvnserver/svn/repos/Applications/myApp/branches/VERSION-1.1

I tried VCS options while on trunk "merge from" but I ended up with a warning that I was going to corrupt my branch so that I could no longer commit to it. That's no good.

Then I played about with various options on "integrate directories" but it's extremely confusing. Shouldn't you label what source 1  and source 2 is? Maybe call one source and one destination? or "from" and "to" ?
Also when I tried using that (and had "try merge, make no changes" selected) it ended up taking a lot of files in trunk and attempting to replace them with older versions in the branch? I only want the latest branch changes to be merged into trunk.... I don't want trunk files overwritten with branch chagnes.

Something just doesn't seem right. I ended up doing the merge from the comamnd line and then using IDEA to commit the files in trunk, but there should be a way to do this merge within the IDE?

I'm about to switch to some other SVN gui tool since I'm always having issues with anything other than basic commits in IDEA.

(As another issue, righ tnow I'm trying to right click on my project and compare the trunk version with a branch version and I end up with this error which doesn't even make sense to me):

Why the heck is it looking for the dir trunk under branches/VERSION-1.1/trunk ?

When I do configure branches it seems to look ok

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Am I the only one that finds the IDEA svn merge functionality non-intuitive? in SmartSVN it's intuitive where I'm merging from and what I'm merging into. In IDEA's interface it's much more cofusing.

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Hello Rick,
1. You can use command "merge from" for merging branch to trunk. Warning message was added because of regulations, I think. We will discuss need of this warning
2. I create issue in youtrack about renaming "source1" and "source2" to "from" and "to"


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