IntelliJ with Composer and Laravel

I'm trying to use IntelliJ with the PHP framework laravel 4, which is based partially on Symphony, and uses the popular Composer package manager. Due to the way these frameworks set up their access to classes and packages, IntelliJ has trouble finding them. This results in non-working code completion and numerous incorrect error indications, since IntelliJ can't find the classes.

It seems PHPStorm and WebStorm has some  built-in support for Composer. Perhaps that could help. But I've seen no mention of this for IntelliJ. Is this an exclusive PHPStorm / WebStorm feature that's not available for IntelliJ?


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Composer support is available in IntelliJ as a part of Command Line Tool plugin. It is not bundled to IDEA by default and should be installed together with PHP plugin. But this plugin has nothing to do with autocompletion. This thread describes solution of a similar problem. Hope it will help you.


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