aspectj error after 12.1 upgrade

Hi all:

Just upgraded to 12.1 from 12.0.4 (I think) and now instead of a warning I am getting an error releating to aspect.
I have a maven project compiled using Java 1.6  (this is set as source and target in the pom as well.) Also, I am using aspectj 1.6.8 also source and target of 1.6 in the pom aspectj compiler configuration.

Whenever I do a re-build on the project I get the following error message. Any thoughts, ideas or help on this is really appreciated!

Error: ajc: Missing message: configure.incompatibleComplianceForTarget in: org.aspectj.ajdt.ajc.messages
Error: ajc: Internal AspectJ compiler error: AspectJ Compiler 1.6.8
 Usage: <options> <source file | @argfile>..
AspectJ-specific options:
 -inpath <list>      use classes in dirs and jars/zips in <list> as source
                     (<list> uses platform-specific path delimiter)
 -injars <jarList>   use classes in <jarList> zip files as source
                     (<jarList> uses classpath delimiter)
                     deprecated - use inpath instead.
 -aspectpath <list>  weave aspects in .class files from <list> dirs and jars/zip into sources
                     (<list> uses classpath delimiter)
 -outjar <file>      put output classes in zip file <file>
 -outxml             generate META-INF/aop.xml
 -outxmlfile <file>  specify alternate destination output of -outxml
 -argfile <file>     specify line-delimited list of source files
 -showWeaveInfo      display information about weaving
 -incremental        continuously-running compiler, needs -sourceroots
                     (reads stdin: enter to recompile and 'q' to quit)
 -sourceroots <dirs> compile all .aj and .java files in <dirs>
                     (<dirs> uses classpath delimiter)
 -crossrefs          generate .ajsym file into the output directory
 -emacssym           generate .ajesym symbol files for emacs support
 -Xlint              same as '-Xlint:warning'
 -Xlint:<level>      set default level for crosscutting messages
                     (<level> may be ignore, warning, or error)
 -Xlintfile <file>   specify properties file to set per-message levels
                     (cf org/aspectj/weaver/
 -X                  print help on non-standard options
Standard Eclipse compiler options:
Options enabled by default are prefixed with '+'

Classpath options:
    -cp -classpath <directories and zip/jar files separated by ;>
                       specify location for application classes and sources
    -bootclasspath <directories and zip/jar files separated by ;>
                       specify location for system classes
    -d <dir>           destination directory (if omitted, no directory is created)
    -d none            generate no .class files
    -encoding <enc>    specify custom encoding for all sources. Each file/directory can override it
                       when suffixed with '['<enc>']' (e.g.[utf8])

Compliance options:
    -1.3               use 1.3 compliance level (implicit -source 1.3 -target 1.1)
    -1.4             + use 1.4 compliance level
    -1.5               use 1.5 compliance level
    -1.6               use 1.6 compliance level
    -source <version>  set source level (1.3, 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6)
    -target <version>  set classfile target (1.1 to 1.4)

Warning options:
    -deprecation     + deprecation outside deprecated code
    -nowarn            disable all warnings except xlint or declare warning
    -warn:none         disable all warnings except xlint or declare warning
    -warn:<warnings separated by ,>    enable exactly the listed warnings
    -warn:+<warnings separated by ,>   enable additional warnings
    -warn:-<warnings separated by ,>   disable specific warnings
      allDeprecation       deprecation including inside deprecated code
      allJavadoc           invalid or missing javadoc
      assertIdentifier   + 'assert' used as identifier
      charConcat         + char[] in String concat
      conditionAssign      possible accidental boolean assignment
      constructorName    + method with constructor name
      deprecation        + deprecation outside deprecated code
      emptyBlock           undocumented empty block
      fieldHiding          field hiding another variable
      finally            + finally block not completing normally
      indirectStatic       indirect reference to static member
      intfNonInherited   + interface non-inherited method compatibility
      javadoc              invalid javadoc
      localHiding          local variable hiding another variable
      maskedCatchBlock   + hidden catch block
      nls                  string literal lacking non-nls tag //$NON-NLS-<n>$
      noEffectAssign     + assignment without effect
      pkgDefaultMethod   + attempt to override package-default method
      semicolon            superfluous semicolon
      unqualifiedField     unqualified reference to field
      unusedImport       + unused import declaration
      unusedLocal          unread local variable
      unusedPrivate        unused private member declaration
      unusedThrown         unused declared thrown exception
      uselessTypeCheck     unnecessary cast/instanceof operation
      specialParamHiding   constructor or setter parameter hiding another field
      staticReceiver     + non-static reference to static member
      syntheticAccess      synthetic access for innerclass
      tasks(<tags separated by |>) tasks identified by tags inside comments

Debug options:
    -g[:lines,vars,source] custom debug info
    -g:lines,source  + both lines table and source debug info
    -g                 all debug info
    -g:none            no debug info
    -preserveAllLocals preserve unused local vars for debug purpose

Advanced options:
    -log <file>        log to a file
    -proceedOnError    do not stop at first error, dumping class files with problem methods
    -verbose           enable verbose output
    -referenceInfo     compute reference info
    -progress          show progress (only in -log mode)
    -time              display speed information
    -noExit            do not call System.exit(n) at end of compilation (n==0 if no error)
    -repeat <n>        repeat compilation process <n> times for perf analysis
    @<file>            read command line arguments from file

    -? -help           print this help message
    -v -version        print compiler version
    -showversion       print compiler version and continue

I tried going back to 12.0.4 and mistakenly click YES to the reload project for language level changes dialog.

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is it possible to see your Maven project somehow? Don't need any sources, just .pom files.

To fix the problem please make sure your modules language level (Project Structure | Modules | <module> | Sources | Language level) match bytecode version (Settings | Compiler | Java compiler | Per-module bytecode version). These settings should have been imported from Maven, but it looks like IDEA has failed in your case.

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Hey Roman:

I will send the pom.xml to you via email if that's OK.
The issue corrected it self (by accident really). After going to back 12.0.4 when the project loaded I was asked; via dialog if I wanted to apply language level chagnes (scrreen shot attached). Initailly, I said yes and the project broke.
I then pulled up my project in 12.1; this time when i was asked if i wanted to apply language level changes I clicked 'No" and my project works.

I sent you my pom files please let meknow if there is anything else i can provide.  THanks for your help!

4-8-2013 9-12-45 AM.png
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Well, good it is working now but it sounds like a bug in IDEA anyway - so yes, I would like to see .pom files. My email is in the profile.


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