Issue with Subversion after upgrade to IDEA 12

Hi all,

I have been a long time user of IDEA with the subversion plugin that they make available, and its always worked well for me.  However, with the upgrade to IDEA 12 (and now 12.1), it has suddenly stopped working in that I can read from repositories, but don't seem to be able to create or commit anything, e.g., trying to create any remote folder on a repository results in a 'folder already exists' error, even when the folder has never been created.  If I revert back to IDEA 11.1.1, it all works fine.

I am using IDEA 12.1 on a Mac (OS X Mountain Lion) and my subversion repositories are running on a Fedora 18 server (via the mod_dav_svn plugin on Apache HTTPD 2.4.4).

Has anyone else struck this issue?  I haven't seen anyone else mention it so I'm not sure if it is some silly config setting that I've screwed up, or actually a bug.

IDEA support have raised this issue for me, and my idea logs from running a create remove folder on 11.1.1 and 12.1 are there (with svnkit logging enabled to get all of the details).

If you have any thoughts as to what I might have wrong, I would love to know.  Thanks in advance.


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