How to remove /*___Generated_by_IDEA___*/ line?


I have some java files automatically generated for my Android project. After I updated to 12.1, the files started to have a line "/*___Generated_by_IDEA___*/" at the top. How to remove this line from appearing every time they are generated? Thanks!

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Hi Vika,

Please check IDE Settings | File and Code Templates | Includes | File Header


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Thanks for the answer, but that's not the reason, the code templates are the usual.

Anyway, I made a search in the IntelliJ IDEA installation directory, and I've found that the text "/*___Generated_by_IDEA___*/" is found in the plugins/android/lib/android.jar file, in the AndroidAutogenerator.class.
So it looks like the Android plugin is responsible for this, not the IDEA itself.

So I guess I'm withdrawing my question, but thanks anyway!


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