IDEA 12 and Android's - empty

I'm new to Android, and new to IDEA 12, but I've been an IDEA user for many years.

I used the File -> New Project to create an Android 4.2 project, and following along with Pro Android 4 book, started adding resources.   The book (and the 'net in general) implies that when resources are added, the "" file should be updated to show those references.

But the I have never gets values.  I can auto-complete using and see my resources, but the never updates.

Is this a bug or just how things go with IDEA 12?


Hello. Sorry about delay. It is by design in IDEA 12, but we've already got many related complaints, so this behaviour probably will be changed in 12.1. Please, follow


Thanks for the update. I will look for 12.1, and use 11 if I really want to see R for the learning curve.


So, 12.1 is out and I've downloaded/installed it, and hoped this little "issue" was resolved.

But, I can't see that it is.   The DE entry implies it would be changed for 12.1, but the entry itself didn't name a release version.

Is this deferred to a future release?  Or is there some support for it I just can't find in menus or configuration screens?


Yes, it's deferred. We'll consider possibility to change this behaviour in IDEA 13. BTW, what is the problem you have with it? Do you run any external tools reading file?


It's not a problem, per se, just some discomfort.  I would like to be able to browse my IDs to help remember where things are and what they do.

The autocompletion helps a good deal but it still doesn't paint a full picture of my application.

Not a huge problem, just something that I find irritating.

Thanks for the reply. :)


By the way, I think I'd be satisfied from my personal interest side, if we could get a context menu item which regenerates the structure using the SDK tools.  Maybe a plug-in...?


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