new compiler is getting annoying

Hi There,

I don't quite know how to phase this problem but the new compiler feature in 12 is starting to annoy me as when it compiles in the background & when it finds an error, it jumps to that error and makes me leave my current .java file however there is a number of times that I KNOW my codebase won't compile and it doesn't bother me but it seems that intellij wants to "show" me the error in another .java file even though I don't want to see it at this point of time as working on something else - i've looked for an option to stop intellij jumping but with no luck.. PS - I think the new compiler is much slicker and nicer - just this issue that is stopping me from coding from time to time..

Any advice?




Could you try Settings / Compiler / Automatically show first error in editor = No?



Nice one -  i'm off to hide my head in shame for missing that option...




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