"Create parameter" code intention not working

  I am inside following code, and as you can see the "reporter" does not exist (yet..)
It is properly highlighted in red by IJ. Hitting alt-space a list of intentions comes up. Upon selecting "Create parameter reporter", IJ thinks a couple of seconds .. then does nothing.

Does this feature work for anyone?

  protected boolean processSource(UrlMetaInfo meta) throws IOException {     

      String errMsg = null;
      CrawlStatus status = null;
      Market.AppsResponse resp = null;
      String contents = null;
      int statusCode = -2;
      int numResults = -1;
      if (androidInfo == null) {
        androidInfo = AndroidUtils.getAndroidCredentials(getProps(),

I am on 12.0.4 ultimate.

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Yes, it works for me. (Although I am using 12.1 RC build 120.111). Anything in the logs (Help > Reveal Log) to indicate what might be wrong?

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I did not see anything apparenlty helpful in the logs. but i gave you helpful answer mark because i did not actually know to look there before.

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Please attach youre log file and also thread_dumps dirs in the same directory as idea.log.


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