About j2ee container

Recently,I wanted to write a plugin about jetty, but I want to specified jetty by the plug-in , rather than through the user-specified, I found i did not do it because of the the intellij the j2ee structure, who can help me out of an idea?
I would also like to through the the j2ee plugin API to do

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It's not clear, what features do you want to include into your plugin (and also why the existing IDEA Jetty integration plugin doesn't suit your needs):

1) do you want to bundle a Jetty installation with your plugin?
2) do you want the possibility to download/install Jetty with the plugin?
3) do you want to run Jetty as the embedded server? (there is http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-90015 about this)
4) do you want some other specific features?

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yes,how to complete it?


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